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Energy bill increases and how to save yourself some money

With the energy prices already at an all time high and the news that the price cap is increasing in April alot of people are looking for ways to save money on their electricity and energy bills.

As electricians we have a good few ways we can advise for people to start saving some money on their electricity bills. We offer install services to our local customers in the Croydon, Wallington and surrounding areas but we will also offer advice to customers further away who can implement some of our suggestions themselves.

The easiest way to try reducing those bills is one of the simplest, its very easy to leave things plugged in and on standby, for example a less energy efficient TV alone can cost upto £25 a year just on standby. If you start adding this up over afew TVs and other devices left on standby this can amount to a nice saving. 

Slightly more involved but upgrading your light fittings and lamps to LED can make a massive difference. An older style GU10 downlight for example can have a 50watt lamp but a new LED lamp can provide just as much light output for as low as 5W, this can really make a big difference in rooms with multiple downlights.

If you have garden or outside lighting and live in the local area of Croydon or surrounding areas why not get in touch to see if our electricians can help by adding sensors or timers to your setup rather than having them on all night long. This means only having them on when required or even looking into App control for them so you can set your own schedules and remotely turn them on and off only when required.

One of the biggest energy savings but also a higher initial outlay is to fit a programmer or smart thermostat to your central heating system. Having full control of your central heating and hot water means only using what you require. Adding a standard programmer means you can time when you have heating and hot water on or adding a smart thermostat control gives full time control as well as being able to control it all remotely when you aren't at home.

These are just afew ways you can save yourself some money and our electricians can help you to upgrade your systems to be more energy efficient.

If you live in the local areas of Croydon, Waddon, Wallington or Carshalton or infact anywhere within a 10-mile radius of Croydon our electricians can help you with LED lighting upgrades, smart thermostat or programmer installations, adding timers or sensors to existing lighting and even just giving your home or business a condition report and advising ways you can look to save money.

Thanks for reading and hopefully it has given you some ideas on how to save energy and hopefully some money!