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Garden Lighting Planning

 Outdoor Garden Lighting

In this blog we will be talking about garden lighting and the benefits of creating a usable outdoor space. With years of electrical experience in outdoor and garden lighting we have come across alot of different styles, functions and installation types when it comes to outdoor lighting.

From our point of view there are 2 main areas to consider with outdoor lighting, Function and Aesthetics.

LED Step Lighting


When we say function we mean what do you want the lighting to do? Here are some questions to ask yourself before you get started:

  •  Is this new lighting there to add ambience and accent decorative features of plants throughout your garden?
  • Will this new lighting add security and make you feel safer by using sensors to trigger on movement and floodlights to not leave any dark areas?
  • Are you needing the lighting to illuminate the way to say a garden room or down to the end of the garden to the hottub when its dark outside?


What finish do you want to achieve with the lighting? Are you looking for a soft warm white glow that appears from behind planting or buildings, maybe some edge lighting to a raised area to make it stand out as a feature. Lighting can change the look and feel of any area and a garden or outdoor space even more so than an internal space. Without good lighting a garden can become unusable in the darker months or even unsafe if you have multiple levels or trip hazards to contend with.

Why not start by doing a drawing of your garden and picking afew key areas you want to illuminate, try standing out there once the sun is down and consider these questions: 

  • Are there any areas in total darkness that you need to access or get to?
  • Are some of your favourite plants and shrubs invisible in this light and you want to show them off?
  • Are there areas of the garden you are concerned about safety?

If you've managed to answer some or all of these questions and given youself a good idea of what you want in your garden thats great, if not and you are local to Croydon or the surrounding areas CD Electrical and our NAPIT qualified electricians can come out to offer advise and go over your garden to help you understand what is achievable.

Our highly experienced electricians serve Croydon, Wallington Sutton and surrounding areas installing, upgrading and maintaining garden and outdoor lighting. 

Thanks for reading, i hope this helps to get your mind thinking about illuminating your outdoor space!