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First Blog Post

Welcome to our first blog post!

We will aim to release our blog posts on a regular basis, they will contain information about what electrical projects we've been on, offering advice and information on electrical matters and also picking some specialist categories to give you a bit more of an insight into what exactly we get up to and what we enjoy at CD Electrical.

In the past few weeks, we have been rewiring a lovely kitchen refurbishment. This has included all new socket and switch locations, electric underfloor heating, new induction hob supplies and relocating the oven supplies, new LED downlights and island pendant as well as new outside lighting. This work has to be liaised with the client and kitchen fitters to ensure a smooth process as the kitchen starts to go in to ensure cables come out in the right place and the client is happy with the end results. Having completed many kitchen refurbishments we are always happy to liaise with other trades and the client to ensure everything goes smoothly and to arrange dates for each stage of the works.

We have also been attending some smaller jobs including:

  • Fault finding some failed hallway lighting. This turned out to be due to the old cabling degrading ( it was approximately 60-80 years old!) so we have done a temporary replacement to allow lighting to the stairs until such time we can get back in to look into replacing the whole lighting circuit.
  • A bedroom refurbishment in a Grade II listed manor house. This has included adding new LED spotlights, directional lighting to illuminate the exposed original wooden beams, LED colour changing tape and raising up all the original socket points due to a new higher skirting going in.
  • Fault finding on a central heating system where the client informed us the programmer didn't seem to be working correctly and one floor of the house wasn't getting warm when they adjusted the thermostat. After testing and fault finding the system we found there to be multiple issues, the programmer wasn't sending a signal to the boiler on every ON period so we replaced this, one of the thermostats had failed and wasn't reading the room temperature and also a motorised valve had failed meaning it wouldn't open to release the hot water to the radiators. After we replaced all the failed parts we gave the system a full test and set up the programmer schedule to the clients requests.
  • Upgrading some old failed low voltage downlights. The client originally got in touch as 6 out of 12 downlights had stopped working and they wanted us to look into replacing the lamps/transformers but after explaining the older style of these fittings and the fact it was a mixture of lamps and transformers that had failed they agreed with our suggestion that it would actually work out more cost-effective to upgrade all the downlights to new fire rated fittings and fit LED lamps into each fitting. This is not only safer but also allows for easier lamp changes in the future and no additional transformers to get replaced later on.

  • We have done many other jobs but these were just a selection to give an insight into some of the things we get up to.

    I hope this has given you a bit of an idea of some of the stuff we get up to on a daily basis!